Task 1.2. Overbank flow in an 18m long and 3m wide flume, Irstea Lyon-Villeurbanne. Floodplain covered by plastic grass (meadow model) and emergent wooden cylinders (tree models).

Uniform compound channel flow, relative flow depth Dr = 0.2. Underwater view, camera upside down.

Task 1.4. Increasing density of emergent roughness elements installed on a rough bed. 8m long and 1.2m wide flume, INSA – LMFA, Villeurbanne.

img_20160929_113801 img_20160830_110410

Mesurement of the drag force exerted on a roughness element


Task 1.1. Streamwise non-uniform flow in single rectangular channel (18m × 1m). Emergent cubic roughness elements (house model). Flume at Irstea Lyon-Villeurbanne.

img_0007 img_0005img_0001

Task 1.1. 26-m-long and 1.10-m-wide open-channel flume located at IMFT. PIV measurement system for measurements inside the canopy, including a telecentric lens to avoid any parallax effect (Top right). Elongated square prisms with height-to-width ratio h/l = 3 (Bottom left). Elongated versus cubic roughness elements (Bottom right).

Task 1.1. Streamwise uniform flow in single rectangular channel (18m × 1m). Emergent circular cylinders (tree models) combined with a smooth bed (glass). Flume at Irstea Lyon-Villeurbanne.

Task 1.3. LNEC Flume. Effect of a shear layer on drag force coefficient. Isolated emergent cylinder. Patch of cylinders