Structure du projet

The project is divided in 3 main tasks and 6 sub-tasks, the tasks management being shared between the French partners as follows:

  • Task 0: Coordination (IRSTEA, S. Proust)
  • Task 1: Laboratory experiments (IMFT, F. Moulin)
    • Task 1.1. Vertical transition in hydraulic roughness from emergence to low submergence of the roughness elements (IMFT, O. Eiff)
    • Task 1.2. Longitudinal transition in hydraulic roughness (IRSTEA, C. Berni)
    • Task 1.3. Lateral transition in hydraulic roughness (IRSTEA, S. Proust)
    • Task 1.4. Hydraulic roughness of interspersed families of roughness elements (LMFA, N. Rivière)
    • Task 1.5. Combined effects of lateral and longitudinal roughness transitions (IRSTEA, S. Proust)
  • Task 2: Assessment and improvement of the modelling practices (IRSTEA, JB. Faure)
    • Task 2.1. Numerical simulations against experimental data (LNHE, N. Goutal)
    • Task 2.2. Numerical simulations of flood events at Besançon (IRSTEA, A. Paquier)